These links are provided as a resource for your Christian studies. These are links that we have found useful in our own studies. As you look through the content on these sites, we ask that you “Test all things; hold fast what is good.” (1 Thessalonians 5:21).


Apologetics Press
Reason and Revelation publication articles by Bert Thompson and Wayne Jackson.
Christian Courier
A monthly publication investigating Biblical apologetics, religious doctrine and ethical issues.
Focus Press
Focus Press is the publisher of:
Think magazine, a magazine on issues such as morality, creation vs. evolution, Christian ethics and much more.
Kaio magazine, a bimonthly magazine on issues of interest to teens.
House to House, Heart to Heart
A bimonthly publication for mailing. It is produced by the Jacksonville church of Christ and is also available in Spanish.
Seek the Old Paths
A publication on conservative Christianity published by the East Side church of Christ in McMinnville, Tennessee.
Truth for the World
A half hour television production overseen by the Duluth church of Christ.


Answers in Genesis & Creation Museum
These are two excellent sites. While they are denominational, they are an excellent source for creationist information.
A searchable online Bible with multiple versions and languages.
Bible Charts
A great source for Bible charts for you own study, or for teaching others.
Christian Book
A general religious bookstore
Downloadable Bible software that includes many English translations of the Bible as well as translations in other languages. You can also get many other resources such as dictionaries, Bible handbooks, concordances, etc. There is a fee for some of the modules
eBible Teacher
Resources for the computer in the Bible class.
Executable Outlines
Website that contains a selection of textual and topical sermon outlines, Bible study outlines, and many links. There are also over 300 Bible study charts.
Preacher’s Files now GEWATKINS.NET
Many Biblically sound articles, sermon outlines, Bible study outlines, funeral sermon outlines, and much more.
World Video Bible School
Your home for non-denominations Bible study materials on video, audio, CD, DVD and the printed page.

Study Helps

Great Treasures now
An excellent Bible study site. You can see different translations of a passage side by side, do word studies, and translate Greek to English.
Little Greek
Study Greek and more.
New Testament Greek Words
A study of many New Testament Greek words. Translate Greek to English or English to Greek.